Raquel Koch

Wine Labels for Valados de Melgaço

Wines with character


Preserving the family tradition in wine production at Quinta de Golães, Valados de Melgaço offers wines made from old and new vines, mainly from Alvarinho grape variety, with two different labels: Valados de Melgaço & Quinta de Golães.

The wines are refined and well-balanced, full of personality, revealing the magic of Monção and Melgaço terroir.

I was asked to redesign all of their wine labels, giving them a more elegant and modern look, will still keeping some traits of their old identity for an easier recognition by loyal costumers. It was also essential to build branding continuity across the products, to ensure the bottles are perceived as being from the same brand.

The packaging produced tries not only to express the kind of wine and quality of the product, as well as the personality of the brand and the people behind it. Applying high-quality printing elements to what were formerly “static” labels, helped to achieve an attractive and high-end feel, giving the labels a timeless style.





Label Design, Art Direction and Production


Ana Monteiro


Valados de Melgaço


February 2018