Raquel Koch

The City Walker

Landing page proposal for Special Edition Shoes


Josefinas is a brand of handmade shoes made and designed by Portuguese female artisans.
This was a conceptual project for a hypothetical new shoe: black sneakers with a pink sole. The challenge was to come up with an exciting concept behind the story of this new product and design an individual landing page for this new edition, that would follow the existing visual communication of the brand and the philosophy behind it.

I came up with two concepts:

one was to simulate a fashionable newspaper or magazine, inspired by publications like “The New Yorker”, well known for its illustrated articles and signature mix of reporting and commentary, focusing on the cultural life of the modern city resident.

for the other one, the idea was to use a character with immediate recognition, bringing some storytelling to the product in question. The clear choice was “Pink Panther” seeing that additionally to being pink, it also embodies the brand key traits: fun, elegant and charming.

Both designs were outlined keeping in mind the conversion of visits to sales and devised to have 3 different moments: 1) concept introduction; 2) product presentation with call-to-action; 3) testimonials and other elements of branding.





Web Design + Illustration + Photo Editing




September 2016