Raquel Koch


Falsa Fé Album


Falsa Fé is the newest work from Cavalheiro, the musical project of Tiago Ferreira.
It illustrates a new phase in his musical journey, highlighting a clear transition to a wider genre of themes and more worked yet less tense lyrics. Cavalheiro’s music is based on the concept of conventional songs and tells small narratives about our daily life, while presenting a filtered record of emotions laid upon careful instrumentation.

“Falsa Fé” deals with the idea of coming of age and the deception it brings, since, more often than not, adulthood completely fails the expectations acquired in our childhood.

I designed the packaging and other brand materials, using a minimal and sometimes abstract style with a limited and dark color scheme, staying true to the theme of the album.





Graphic Design & Packaging


Carlos Lobo




Oct. 2017 — May 2018



Falsa Fé Posters