Raquel Koch


Hi-tech Lifestyle Apparel


Bravian is hi-tech Clothing brand with a catalog of versatile, comfortable, durable and functional products, inspired by the current urban modern lifestyle. Their commitment is to make high-quality apparel that combines the benefits of waterproof/breathable technologies and other solutions suited to withstand the harsh conditions of a natural environment, while still being fashionable and appropriate to wear in your daily life activities.

The inspiration for the logo was the stencil, considering one of its main aspects: its durability, which allows for it to be reused several times.

Nowadays, the stencil not only can provide a sense of vitality and rigor but also of refinement and lightness, thus achieving a subtle combination of power and elegance. It combines timeless utility and mechanical or engineering features with premium quality and contemporary sophistication.





Visual Identity+Branding




December 2017