Raquel Koch

Bravian Re-Branding

Refined & Playful Luxury Fashionwear[/med_text


As Bravian evolved into a luxury fashionwear clothing brand, that caters to both men and women, so did its branding. Their commitment is to make high-quality clothes that combine the classic with the irreverent, designing refined yet playful collections that appeal to all.

Bravian manufacturing know-how comes from a long and experienced history of  making  highly technical workwear for armed forces, firefighters and other first responders.  It made sense to honor that heritage in the new look, and so the initial inspiration for the logo was the Chevron insignia used in most of those uniforms.

That idea was then merged with the visual metaphor of a bird flying away, symbolising the urge to try new things. It resulted into a minimalist and abstract symbol, that is easy to incorporate into the different pieces of a fashion collection and textile patterns.





Visual Identity+Branding




Setember 2019